Summer at the Golf Academy


I always have parents asking me if we are having camp in July and August, and as much as I dislike saying no, I have to say that we do not. As the summer progresses, it gets hotter and it is noticeable in the level of interest and enthusiasm that we see in the kids. If you want to have your kids doing golf in July and August, I suggest that you bring them to the course very late in the day and play with them and let them self discover how to play golf.

For the third year, we have had PGA Junior League teams. PGA Junior League is a little like putting golf and little league together. We have a great time and the kids learn and enjoy playing golf on the golf course.

What’s ahead
We will have after school golf activities after school starts. We are exploring a new program and we may have something brand new. Stay tuned

Author: davidpilsner

I am a PGA Golf Professional. I have a passion for learning about the golf swing. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a student improve.

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