What I have learned this summer about kids golf

F791A1C9-7911-4339-9F42-97062CC0B51FDuring the summer, we have several kids golf activities here at the Timber Creek Golf Academy. We have golf camps, PGA Junior League, Saturday Kids Golf, and one on one lessons.

I have had parents tell me that they want their kids to have golf lessons so they don’t develop bad swing habits. Also, I have had parents tell me that they haven’t gone out to play on the golf course for fear of developing bad swing habits. This is not what we should be worrying about. Part of golf lessons and playing golf is discovery. There is an incredible variety of golf swings that can work. Figuring out how to make a swing works takes time and effort. Coaching will help this process happen.

Properly fitted golf clubs will make a big difference. Junior golf clubs tend to be too long and too heavy. We use US Kids Golf and Golphin golf clubs as our guide for junior clubs. I use a couple of techniques for evaluating clubs. Driver length for adults is 44 to 45.75 inches, and these lengths should fit golfers between 65 and 75 inches. If we use that information, a driver should be about 2/3 of the golfers height. If you stand with your driver in front of you, it will reach just below your sternum. A seven iron is normally slightly longer than 1/2 of your height. A six foot tall golfer will normally use a 7 iron that is 37 inches long which is slightly more that 1/2 of height. The ratios work for adults and kids. US Kids Golf and Golphin sell their golf clubs to match your height.  The clubs are light and work well.

At camp we ask the kids what they like the best – is almost never full swing. The fitness station is often the most popular activity. The activities are designed to help the kids learn skills and athletic motion that is necessary to play good good. At TPI, we learn that kids have to be  good athletes before they can be good golfers.


Author: davidpilsner

I am a PGA Golf Professional. I have a passion for learning about the golf swing. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a student improve.

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