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Scheduling s golf lesson should be easy. You can schedule two ways. You can contact me (David Pilsner, PGA) directly or you can use the online scheduler. The scheduler is  fairly easy to use. It uses your email address and name, and does not use a password.
Click here to schedule a lesson online 
If you prefer to contact me directly, my email is and my cell number is (281) 734-0177.
If you try to schedule online, and are having problems finding available times that fit your schedule, please contact me directly, and we will try and find a good time for everyone.

Book online now!

One thought on “Schedule Online”

  1. David,
    I was looking to schedule another half hour lesson but it was not an available choice. Is that not available anymore?
    I am still interested in you finding some clubs on EBay like we talked.
    Let me know,
    Joan Serice


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