Summer 2021 and Beyond

August 9, 2021
The end of July means a few things – my wife Suzanne’s birthday, our anniversary, usually a vacation, and the end of most of of our summer golf programs.
We will be restarting some group activities after school starts and hopefully after the weather cools down a bit.
I am working towards reinventing my role as a coach and instructor. I have several goals that I am working towards.
1.) To help my students have a better road map to improvement.
2.) To use my working time more wisely.
3.) To have more family time.
4.) To play more golf.

If you are wondering how this might look, I am asking myself the same question.

For the moment, please contact me directly to arrange lessons – for email and 281-734-0177 for text or phone calls. For groups and classes, look for these on the website.

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