Jr Golf Class Info – FAQs

What goes on at these classes?
We follow a model called Long Term Athletic Development or LTAD. While this is a golf class we spend part of every class in activities that promote athleticism. This would mean throwing, running, skipping jumping and balance activities. We will putt, chip, pitch, full swing, and learn about rules and etiquette.

What about the weather, rain outs, what to wear, etc?
Sometime the weather is an issue. If it is raining or it is too wet, we will cancel class. If the schedule allows, we will reschedule. If we can’t reschedule, we will offer a refund for the class or a credit for another class. Except in unusual conditions, we do not cancel for cold weather.

Athletic attire is best for class. We do not have a strict golf dress code for intro classes. When we start going on the course to play, we abide by the golf course dress code. Athletic shoes or golf shoes are best. Flip flops, crocs, sandals, and boots are not good for golf. Golf shoes are not necessary.

What should I expect interns of improvement and progress as a golfer?
Playing golf is a complex activity. There is the physical part of learning to hit the ball and chip and putt and then there is learning how to play on the golf course which means strategy, club selection, pre-shot routine, mental skills, and scoring. Everyone is different and skills develop at different rates. It takes years to become a good golfer. The other part is the time outside of the class that is spent playing and practicing.

Does my child need clubs?
For introductory classes, we have clubs for children who do not have their own. We have many clubs in many sizes so we can properly fit children who are getting started. As a child develops interest and skill, and want to play golf on the golf course, buying clubs is necessary.

What is the role of the parent?
As in everything else, the parent plays a huge role in a child’s interest and development in an activity. At first, it is 
important to pay close attention and try to assess the level of interest. While it is nice to be good at something, it is far more important to have fun and enjoy it. In all of our classes and camps for kids, our goal is to have fun and create a safe environment. As a parent of a young golfer, you should try to do the same. If a child likes golf and likes coming to the golf course, I think we have succeeded. Being good at golf takes time and we just have to watch and see how that turns out.

Who are the coaches?
I am David Pilsner and I run the classes at the Timber Creek Golf Academy. I am a PGA Professional. Since 2009 I have been a full-time instructor and coach. I have a passion for helping children learn to play golf. I am certified as a US Kids Golf Coach, Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 and Level 2 Junior Golf. I am a Ping Golf Club Fitter.
Cheyne Kendall teaches and coaches our junior classes. Cheyne grew up in Deer Park. He attended Shreiner University In Kerrville and was part of a National Championship team. He aspires to play golf professionally and is a great asset to our program.

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