Details and FAQ’s

What goes on at these classes?
On practice days we will hit balls, chip, pitch, putt, and hit sand shots. We will practice pre-shot routines, learn about ball flight, talk about rues and etiquette, discuss the role of diet and exercise in golf, We will have drill and activities to help improve golf fundamentals such as grip, aim, ball position, and the basic ideas of how to make a golf swing.

What is the age range for this?
The kids will play golf during this league. Being able to walk up to nine holes and carry their clubs (or push a cart). is necessary for this. Parents may watch but we want the kids to learn to play and make decisions on their own. The coaches will be on the course but the kids will be learning to play independently.
The suggested age range is 8-16 years old. If your child is younger but you think they are ready to play in a group like this, we are happy to have them.

What about the weather, rain outs, what to wear, etc?
Sometime the weather is an issue. If it is raining or it is too wet, we will cancel class. We have scheduled this so that we will have practice and play days as the weather allows, and we will not plan to have make up classes.

Dress code?
Timber Creek Golf Club has a dress code. The dress code asks that everyone wear collared shirts on the golf course . For young golfers, we do not strictly enforce this rule.  As we start going on the course to play, we try and abide by the golf course dress code. Athletic shoes or golf shoes are best. Flip flops, crocs, sandals, and boots are not good for golf. Golf shoes are not necessary.

What should I expect interns of improvement and progress as a golfer?
Playing golf is a complex activity. Over time we should expect to see improvement. But everyone progresses differently.

Does my child need clubs?
For this program the children will need their own clubs in order to go on the golf course and play golf.

Who are the coaches?
I am David Pilsner and I run the classes at the Timber Creek Golf Academy. I am a PGA Professional. Since 2009 I have been a full-time instructor and coach. I have a passion for helping children learn to play golf. I am certified as a US Kids Golf Coach, Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 and Level 2 Junior Golf. I am a Ping Golf Club Fitter.
Cheyne Kendall teaches and coaches our junior classes. Cheyne grew up in Deer Park. He attended Shreiner University In Kerrville and was part of a National Championship team. He aspires to play golf professionally and is a great asset to our program.

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