Christmas Break Golf Camp for 12-17 year olds

Join us from 1:30-3:30pm on December 19-22 for Christmas Break Golf Camp. If you are on a school golf team, or you are planning on being on a team, this is a good time to practice and improve. Part of each class will be block practice. Block practice is the time that we work on fundamentals and basic technique. We will guide you through how to practice to improve technique. Then we will do performance practice. Performance practice is the practice that is more like what happens on the golf course. We will have drills and exercises that test skills and will help you evaluate your skill level, and help you learn to practice more effectively.

Our goal is to divide our time into full swing practice and short game practice. We also plan to go on the golf course and practice in golf course situations.

The cost for the camp is $150 for four days.